Where do I begin?
The best place to start is with a consultation. We offer a complimentary consultation in your home or office. We do this in-person so that we can more fully understand your needs and situation, and give you the best estimate of cost. Since we’ll be working in your home or office it’s important that you and your family or co-workers feel comfortable with the suggestions being made and the plan we will be implementing.
Where would a Lifestyle Organizer begin?
Each project is unique and individualized, but the process for developing a plan is the same: consultation, assessment of needs and possible solutions, budget estimate for materials and for labor, contract… and then implementation and transformation to make your lifestyle organizing needs a working reality!
What will it cost?
Costs vary considerably depending on a few factors, with the most critical ones being: the size and type of spaces being organized; how much “stuff” you have; how much you plan to do yourself; and what sort of storage options you currently have.
What will A Lifestyle Organizer do vs. what I would do?
This is also variable, based on your personal interest, ability and budget. We work with any scenario, from creating a basic organizing plan and space design, to shopping for materials or managing clothing consignment, to physically rearranging or packing/unpacking every possession you own and overseeing many interior renovations.
Contact through the website or call Renee at A Lifestyle Organizer, LLC today to schedule a complimentary consultation! 817-513-0888

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