Spaces include but are not limited to the kitchen, closets, bedrooms, toy room, laundry room, craft room, living spaces, man-cave, basement, garage, and attic.
Removal and rearranging according to your budget and individual preference is the goal to provide a sense of calm, order and savings in time and money. Help with what to keep or donate or discard in the most efficient way.

Home Office
Make your Home Office a place where you can go and accomplish what you set out to do efficiently by creating an individualized filing system that works for you saving time and money. Making it easier for you to decide and manage what to keep or discard whether you prefer electronic, paper or both.

Relocation or Downsizing
Assist you in your home staging, packing or unpacking or setup in a move or perhaps even more important getting you downsized or manageable in your life without clutter. Assist with garage or estate sales, taking items to donate for a tax deduction or deciding to discard or recycle.

Personal Assistance
Life gets busy! How many times have you thought to yourself if only I had an extra pair of hands then… Or, if there were more hours in the day, I could…
Let me be those helping hands. By delegating certain tasks to me, you receive those extra hours. You get more accomplished in less time and there is the added benefit of no stress.

Events that you need to outsource or organization of spaces that include but are not limited to office spaces, desk, filing systems, and storage systems.

Student Organizing
“Organization does not discriminate based on intelligence or motivation.”

Many students struggling with organizational and time management skills ultimately see an effect on academic performance with declining grades, high stress level or anxiety, and even low self esteem. Renee with A Lifestyle Organizer has worked as a an Educator of both middle and high school and continues to work with individual students, groups of students and their families to develop an individualized plan based on learning style that provides organization strategies and solutions to manage time, paper, supplies, learning goals and tutoring for students to meet individual learning needs and improve academic performance.

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